Walter Corbitt

A dreadful man, buried in a cellar.


Case files


Category: Safe

Skeletal remains were uncovered from the site, and are taken to [INSUFFICIENT CLEARANCE LEVEL]. They have been depurated and analyzed, and are deemed safe.

A [REDACTED] was set in place around the remains, but isolation has not been thought necessary. These precautions were deemed sufficient by Dr [INSUFFICIENT CLEARANCE LEVEL].

W. Corbitt’s paranormal capabilities are believed connected to an altar in his basement.

The estate grounds, along with any new structures, is to be periodically inspected for abnormal activity.




Walter Corbitt bought the estate est. 1840. In the following years, several complaints were field by his neighbors, including: bad odors; loud, disturbing sounds, at night; and how the appearance of the estate made the area look bad.

Walter Corbitt is connected to the [REDACTED], although the specifics are unknown. They helped arrange his burial in his house’s basement.


The initial team of investigators reported finding a set of journals. They have yet to be discovered.


Walter Corbitt

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