The Ctuous Society

The Haunted Corbitt Estate

An investigation gone wrong...

Case file opened:
_ 1968-05-09
___ The landlord, Harry Walters, acquired the firm’s services.
_ 1968-05-11
___ A team was sent to investigate the Corbitt estate.
___ They met up with, and was briefed by Mr. Walters.
___ The team researched the house’s background, and grew suspicious of foul play.
___ Upon investigating the house, the team discovered what they believed to be Mr. Corbitt in the basement.
___ One team member was killed in action.
___ One team member lit the house on fire.
______ She is currently locked in a hospital for the criminally insane.
___ Mr. Corbitt is believed to be under control.
Case file closed: 1968-05-15

(Newspaper clipping gathered a few days after the event.)

The Corbitt House

Background information

For nearly a century, accidents and horrible events transpired at the old Corbitt house. Its residents were maimed, killed, and driven mad.

Most people believed the house to be haunted. As time passed, only the poverty-stricken and oblivious dared stay.

The houseowner’s plan

In 1968, Harry Walters owned the house. He bought it at a reasonable price, with intentions of subletting. “I thought the rumors were just that,” he told us, “We’re in the sixties – does anyone actually believe in hauntings any more?” He started advertising and expected renters to come. Weeks grew to months, months to a year.

“I was happy to see the Macario family move in,” Mr. Walters said Unfortunately, both Vittorio and Gabriela Macario were soon institutionalized. “The last weeks they stayed, they said they were enveloped in dread. Apparently, plates were throwing themselves at them. I’ve been in contact with their caretakers, who say they Gabriela is haunted to yellow eyes – whatever that means.”

With this incident in mind, his chances of finding renters were even worse.

Mr. Walters enlisted the services of Pavo Mucha, who sent a team of four. “When I saw the newspaper ad for that investigation firm, I thought ‘Why not?’.”

The investigators were supposed to stay in the house, clear out any problems, and prove the house “ghost free”.

The incident

“I was in the kitchen when I smelled the smoke,” said Mr. Walters, “and my stomach was immediately in knots. A black column rose above the rooftops.” He later added, “You know, when you’ve started getting optimistic, anything bad is amplified a hundred times!”

Within hours, the house was reduces to smoldering ruins.

The police department believes it to be arson. Burn patterns revealed the fire started in the living room, and alcohol is believed used as an accelerant.

Among the ruins, the police discovered the charred remains of two people. James Gilbert, one of Pavo Mucha’s employees, is believed to be among them. The other deceased has yet to be identified. While the police has yet to come forward with an official statement, the second victim’s remains is rumored to be “unnatural” and “[…] too large to be a person!”


Of the four investigators, three still remain.

Peter Malhoy was brought in for questioning, and was cleared of all charges.

The police’s main suspect is a woman, who later that day set fire to her own apartment with her roommate inside. She has been charged with three murders, and is residing in an institution for the criminally insane.

A mysterious figure known only as “Ace” is also involved. All readers are urged to contact the police with any information.

Pavo Mucha’s firm has yet to come forward with an official statement.


Creutz Creutz

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