The Ctuous Society


The team, now consisting of Dirk Pitt and Michael Jones, traveled to Romania shortly after investigations in Boston. Their had uncovered a lead to a baron Hauptman, and Pavo Mucha strongly urged them to follow it.

The two of them landed in Romania shortly after, at Cluj-Napoca airport. One of Pavo Mucha’s agents, Natalia , were there to greet them.

The day after, after a less pleasant hotel stay, they headed for Drovosna. Because of the roads and weather, going there by car was out of the question. They managed to hitch a ride with a horse carriage instead.

Well into the unpleasant lands of Transylvania, they found a small gypsy encampment. It wasn’t that pleasant. Dude got shanked and they lit him on fire and now we’re up to speed.


Creutz Creutz

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