The Ctuous Society

The investigators picked up a case in Boston, New York. A state celebrity, Paul LeMond, had gone missing. They convinced his mother, Irene LeMond, they could find him.

During their investigations, they they ran into a cast of personalities:
- Velma Peters, Paul’s girlfriend.
- Herbert Whitefield, Paul’s manager.
- Betty Avery, Herbert’s assistant.
- Bugsy Wexler, Buffalo’s criminal kingpin.
- Clarence Rodgers, under the pseudonym John Dervin.

With the help of Betty, the investigators ransacked Herbert’s office. They connected Herbert to Bugsy Wexler through unpaid bills and threatening letters.

On their way to Wexler, they stopped by Clarence Rodgers’s house. They saw through John Dervin’s facade, and tracked down his address. This didn’t go as planned, as they were taken aback by an alien apparatus. Simon Tucker correctly assembled the machine, and they were faced with disturbing pictures of a hideous being. In his confusion and terror, Dirk Pitt shot the device and caused a fire. Rodgers’s house burned down.

After recuperating, the group visited Wexler’s office. Being less than welcome, they got captured and sent to his office. Through quick wit, they struck a deal with the kingpin. Being fed up with Herbert, he’s willing to sell them Paul’s location.

With Wexler’s information, they find Paul at Woods Estate Rest Home.


Creutz Creutz

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