The Ctuous Society

The Dweller

Paul LeMond’s psychic dreams foretold of a series of child murders in Boston. The investigators went searching for answers.

Stumbling onto clues, they laid their eyes on the old Cornwallis mansion. Ambrose and Amelia Cornwallis were killed in an altercation in 1947. From what they could gather, the couple’s stillborn baby was the root cause of this misery. Sarah Cornwallis lived in the house when they arrived.

They snooped around for a bit, before questioning Sarah. Upon realizing she was senile and that they wouldn’t get anything of interest from her, they decided to snoop around. They found lots of old, rotting food, including several full sized chickens.

Their trip led up to the second floor, and shortly thereafter to the mysterious tower. Here, they discovered some letters in German, between Mr. Cornwallis and a mysterious Baron Hauptman. They also found Latin journal entries, and a pair of oddly colored spectacles.

In his excitement, Simon Tucker tried on the pair of spectacles. The visions he saw were unsettling, so he naturally made Dirk Pitt wear them. Dirk wasn’t as lucky as Simon, and lost some of his fingers.

Unsure what to do next, they visited the Cornwallis’ family crypt at All Heart’s Cemetery. They found a few pieces of information. First off, a an earlier newspaper article told of a graverobber. They confirmed Ambrose had been turned face up, which the graverobber claimed to do because he believed Ambrose was a warlock. Furthermore, after some morally ambiguity, they opened the child’s coffin. Instead of a small skeleton, they found rocks.

While they didn’t have many leads to go on for the murders, they were on the trail of Baron Hauptman. In contact with Pavo Mucha, they cross referenced earlier evidence and strongly urged to head for sent to Romania.


Creutz Creutz

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