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The only real rules are “don’t be a dick” and “consider your actions”. The rest are guidelines.

Personal information

We strongly recommend you do not use your personal information on the site. This is the Internet after all.

In addition, any member caught publishing others’ information may be subject to bans.

In-game information

You’re welcome to add any information you like to the wiki. Characters, items, literature etc.


Feel free to add, and make changes to your own characters. You can write exactly what you feel about them, including adding character sheets – but remember it’s public information.

You may also choose to edit other people’s characters, for instance with fan theories. A few conditions apply.

  1. Be respectful.
  2. You are only allowed to write what is public knowledge. If in doubt, ask the owner or a GM.

Writing styles


It is strongly suggested to write articles in past tense, unless called for. This aids the narrative, due to shifting chronologies. Some exceptions include news excerpts and journal entries – keep a steady hand.


Pictures, videos, music etc. posted on any “canon” article needs approval from a GM.


Use tags. Please. They are wonderful, and make looking for articles dead easy!

One restriction: The # sign is reserved for GM use.


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